Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ça va? & inspiration for the new workingplace

We were invited by the French Clémence of the blog Kutch et Couture for an interview about our studio. You can read it here in French, or a summary below:

Where does this taste for origami come from?
When studying architecture I worked a lot with scale models, I prefered using paper. The thing I like most of origami is that you can use the folds as a structure of the design without adding other materials. Origami gives a smile on people faces, as almost everybody can fold a paper airplane

Why did you choose to create lightings?
We are still figuring out whether we are a lightstudio specializing in paper or a paperstudio specializing in lampshades, we still have to choose.

If you had to define your lamps in 3 words?
Happy, lightweight and simplicity

A high point in the life of Studio Snowpuppe?
The moment we were able to quit our day jobs.. 
Inspiration for the new studio:
We moved in the studio last May. At this moment we are busy with the basement. Creating a space for storage and product development.  I can watch this video about the workspace of Grain and Gram over and over again.

You can contact me at [nellianna at studiosnowpuppe.nl] if you have any questions or just want to say hi! You can also find me on Instagram

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