Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Mornings // DDW, Etsy, How blogs work

Goodmorning monday 13 October of 2014

I am preparing a presentation for the DDW about the 'nieuwe maakeconomie'. It will be Pecha Kucha style, so 20 slides about a succesfull start up as an Etsy seller.

This made me think about the feeling I had when I sold the very first lamp through Etsy. It was for a Bed and Breakfast in New York! From that day I believed it was possible to have a business of your own working with your hands.

The first lamp was very different then the lamps we make nowadays, but the idea was the same. Last week I googled the B&B and look what I found on their Facebook page.

When people ask me about how to sell your own product, my first answer always is start selling on Etsy. The next week we will share our 20 slides why we are selling on Etsy. Why are you selling on Etsy?

Booktip: How blogs work

This weekend I found in our local bookshop the book of Stephanie Duval: How blogs work
Stephanie was one of our first customers and blogged about studio Snowpuppe in the early days. I almost read the whole book during the weekend and I cannot wait to try all the tips.

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