Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paper making Masterclass at the DDW

Yesterday we were at the Dutch Design week. We started the day with a meet-up about the 'nieuwe maakeconome' in the glass house of Dynamic food. We gave a short presentation, pecha kucha style, about the start-up of Snowpuppe. 

After that I was lucky to participate one of the Masterclasses organised by Etsy and the CraftscouncilMarieke de Hoop taught us all about making the perfect pulp. We brought our own materials, I brought some waste paper of our lamps and combined it with some old jeans. The process was fun, especially making the pulp with your hands.

There was not many time time visiting the rest of the DDW. But in this spare time I was able to see the lamps of Vilt aan zee. Made out of Merino wool with some paper pulp.

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